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We only have one body to build, so you must take care of it as you'll never get another one.


am the owner and operator of 1Body2Build Personal Fitness with Lisa
I obtained my Fitness Trainer, Master Fitness Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist certifications through American Muscle and Fitness. 
I completed my first bodybuilding competition in 2002 where I came in third in my class. I believe what you take care of in your 30's will be an investment to you in your 50's. 
I want you to learn to live a healthier life, not only spiritually but naturally as well. 

I named my business 1Body2Build because I believe and know, "you only have one body to build, so we must take care of it as you'll never get another one". 
I hope these short workout videos will help you on your journey to your fitness lifestyle change. 
Lisa D. 


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