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(Prayer Journal) Finding Peace Within: The Journey of a Smile

I have lived my life through the pen and paper. As a child the two became my best friend; seeking for a place to share my secrets. They knew every pain I endured, every happy moment I experienced. They knew when I was telling the truth and when I was lying to myself. The pen and paper has sometimes gotten me into trouble as many of my secrets were revealed. Even though the pen and paper eventually was used against me, I never stopped loving them. I knew they were my way of escaping what scared me during the night and what excited me during the day. I did my work through the pen and paper and found my soul and the true character of who God made me to be. 
This prayer journal was created for you to find your true character by finding the truth in your SOUL. 
Chart your journey, chart your life, and chart your legacy.

“It’s your life; write about it!” - Lisa Dalton

(Prayer Journal) Finding Peace Within: The Journey of a Smile

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