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Freedom Ain't Free

The Price You Pay for Freedom.

What do you need to be free from? Yourself, friends, family, addictions, habits? What ever it is, now is the time to identify it and prepare to let it go. 2017 is almost here, let's do the work now in preparation for a more spiritual 2017. It would be easy to just ignore those issues and not face those things that could keep us from living a whole and complete life. There could easily be some things in our lives that may even be hard to face and deal with. Life has a way of making our future look dark and hopeless. What I've learned over the years, is this. Freedom comes with a price and that price is me being vulnerable and open to the things I need to let go in order to experience that freedom. That's when my future became bright and hopeful. Freedom came for me when I decided to leave 2 husbands, divorce my family and their opinions (for a while that is :) we're okay now... I love them to life) and leaving some relationships behind. You can't take everyone with you, you know. The lesson I learned was this; when I was honest with myself, other's began to respect my honesty and began to treat with the respect I deserved. It is true, as Dr.Phil McGraw says, "You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself." So, the first person we need to be honest with is ourselves and other's will follow suit. :). Remember to Smile, Show Up and Succeed Everyday Find Peace Within Be blessed, Ms. Lisa

Good Luck!

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