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A Centered Soul is a Centered Mind

What is the soul of a man? What does it mean to be centered?

What does it mean to have a centered soul and a peaceful mind?

As I prepared to launch my “Finding Peace Within” ministries, it was important for me to have a full understanding of what it means to have a centered-soul and a centered-mind. It was important for me to understand the importance of being authentic in my spiritual walk and relationship with the Lord.

I began my journey to finding peace when I left my second husband in November of 2001. I was determined to find my way back to the Lord and my way back to total completeness in Him. I began to sacrifice myself through fasting and prayer. I began to identify those areas in my life that I needed to be delivered from and those areas that needed to be healed. After much hard work, many tears, and fights with myself, I can truly say, "I have done my work (and still working) and now understand what it means to have a real spiritual awareness of who I am and my relationship with God".

Recently I was meditating and studying the word and I began to ask the Holy Spirit to explain what it means to have a centered-soul and a centered-mind. Here is what the Holy Spirit gave me and I want to share it with you:

The Soul is a life, a living being, self, person, MIND, personality, inner desires, and feelings.

Genesis 2:7 reads, "... and Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

Nephesh is the Hebrew word for 'soul' or 'soul living'. The word Nephesh describes the whole person as a unit that is a life a living creation. God wants us whole as one unit working as one, complete.

I then asked The Holy Spirit, 'Why did God breathe into the nostrils of man and not into the mouth of man'? So I looked up the word Nostril. The nostril is either of the two externals openings of the nasal cavity in vertebrates that admits air to the lungs and smell to the olfactory nerves. So, I looked up Olfactory Nerves. Olfactory Nerves is the first cranial nerve to the brain. It signals to the brain it’s time to smell, time to wake up, time to live.

Now let’s put it all together – Nose + Lungs = Life. We breathe through our nose (nostrils) which provides life to the lungs that in turn wakes up the brain (mind) to tell the living soul (Nephesh) to wake up and live. Our lungs give breath to the soul through the brain which connects to the mind which speaks life in our living soul. WOW!!!! What a revelation to the making of man…..

I believe this is why we should take time to breathe, take time to listen to our soul, take time to allow air to get into the brain which will allow life to flow to our souls. A deep breath will calm the spirit when it’s anxious. That deep breath is God’s way of breathing life into our spirit. Just like He did to man when He breathed life into him when he created him from the dust, He still wants us to take deep breathes through our nostrils and find our way to a centered soul and a centered mind.

Blessings, Lisa L. Dalton

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