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Who Do You Run To?

... When Your Soul Is Crying?

"I'm the CEO of a fortune 500 company."

"I'll lose my six-figure salary!"

"I'm the president of a prestigious college, I took an oath to protect those I serve!"

"I'm the leader of a growing ministry, it will damage my witness."

"I'm the leader of my child's PTA, the other parents will isolate me from all activities." SOUND FAMILIAR? These are words that people often say when they have issues, sins, struggles, or however you would like to label them, that they feel they could never tell anyone about for the fear of...'the WHAT IF'... This weekend my husband and I had a very long conversation about people who have fallen because they felt they had know one to talk to about the things they were struggling with. We all have something that we're struggling with, if you say you don't, then you're struggling with lying. As none of us have arrived in our daily walk to the point there isn't an issue of blood that we need to seek healing and deliverance from. He gave examples of preachers with mega churches who have fallen because it is believed they didn't have anyone to run to. There have been physicians and political leaders in our very own city who have fallen because they too felt they had know one to run to. I personally know people, including myself, who has endured pain alone because we felt know one would believe us.

The fear of your truth being rejected is a bad thing to feel when you know you telling YOUR truth is the very thing that's going to save your life from destruction. But who do you run to when your SOUL is ready to be free? Who do you trust with your truth when your truth is a lie to the people who you serve or influence and or to the world. When I came out with my truth of my past, and being an adulterous woman who slept with married men, and who watched pornography, and suffered from an eating disorder, the spirit of whore-dorm, and the spirit of suicide; (Weee, that was a lot... lol) yes, but God has delivered me so I am no longer bound by my past. But back to my story. :). When I began to tell my testimony and how my journey has lead me to a place of peace, most people were shocked because I don't look like where I've been or what I've experienced. But, it took years for me to come out because I was afraid people would judge me, and I would be rejected by those whom I loved. But what I've learned in my studying of the SOUL... there is no fear in LOVE. When you begin to tell the truth about who you are and the expediences you've had, those who supposed to be in your life will commend you for your courage and be by your side as you walk these things out. Satan wants us to sit in hiding and remain bound and broken. He wants to embarrass us and use our experiences as a weapon to those who look up to us. But what we have to remember is, God's love covers all and Jesus Christ's blood was the sacrifice for every sin we have and haven't committed. What not to do is sit in silence and die a slow death of pain. Here are a few suggestions that helped me when my SOUL was crying. 1. Find someone who you trust, even if you have to pay for a professional counselor... cry out to that person for help. I found a friend in my music theory teacher. Her home was a safe haven for me and she was there to listen and sometimes just a place for me to lay my head and rest. 2. Follow the instructions given to you by the one who you've entrusted with your truth. What's the point in confiding in someone, especially if you're paying for it, and you not listen to their advice. The word says there's safety in a multitude of counselors. So, since you found safety there, trust that they are giving you the right advice. 3. Write down what your experiences are and how those experiences make you feel. Identify what the root cause of your pain is coming from. Then seek spiritual guidance from someone in the word of God on how to walk out your experiences in a spiritual way. There is work to be done when you're dealing with issues of our past that are now showing up in your adult life. This will take someone who is mature in the word of God and who has already done their spiritual work. 4. Believe you have the right to be free. If you doubt in your heart that you don't deserve to walk in freedom, then all of what you've done from 1-3 was in vain. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, peace and a sound mine. Our Souls longeth to be free from those dis-eases that causes us to retreat to things that makes our heart ache. 5. Tell yourself EVERYDAY you are worth living. Suicide entered my mind more than twice while I was in my mess, but one day I heard a voice say, SMILE LISA...SHOW UP EVERYDAY FOR YOURSELF LISA, AND SUCCEED EVERYDAY LISA. I've done just that... Do not suffer in silence, God has someone ready, willing, prepared and able to help walk you to your peace. Be blessed and remember to "Find Peace Within" Ms. Lisa D.

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