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Laundromat Tears

When Mercy and the Soul Meets

One thing I've learned in my life-time is this; you will never know who God will send your way to minister to. That's why I believe it's ALWAYS important to have yourself together so you want miss the opportunity to serve an angel unaware. Here's the story of a young lady, her baby, and the laundromat tears: It was a Wednesday morning I decided to dry my clothes at the local laundromat instead of hanging them on the clothesline I made outside my carport. I'm a country girl and I love to let my clothes dry on the clothesline the way my grandma and mamma did. But, I didn't have time to wait all day for that to happen, so I took the quickest way out- the laundromat.

While folding my clothes, a young lady rushed in the laundromat with her baby. I'll say the baby was between 12 to 18 months old as she was able to sit up on her own. The young lady had horror and fear written all over her face. I could literally see her chest moving as she was trying to calm herself down. All she had on her person was a diaper bag, purse and cellphone. I watched the both of them while I continued folding clothes. The laundromat owner approached her and said, "ma'am, you have to leave, here. You can't stay here if you not getting services here." She said, "sir, I'm waiting on my ride." He said, "no you can't stay!" She told him again, 'Sir I'm waiting on my ride." She even went as far as to hand the phone to him to prove to him that she was waiting on her ride. He did not take the phone and turned and walked away.

I kept my eyes on the mom and the baby as I continued folding my clothes. What I observed was the baby looking at her mom with grave concern. She couldn't do anything about her mom's situation but she knew something was wrong. She didn't cry at all. She just kept her eyes on her mommy. She was absorbing the pain of her mom. I can only assume, this little precious soul had experienced this kind of sorrow from her mom before as she wasn't alarmed by what was going in her mom's spirit. Once I finished folding my clothes, I walked over to her and sat down. I asked her if she was okay, (knowing she wasn't but I didn't want to assume)... she looked at me and the tears began to fall. She said, "no ma'am, I am NOT okay." She proceeded to tell me about her journey and ALL the pain she has been in and is currently in. As a person who operates in the ministry of deliverance, I've learned to allow people to speak their pain, give it a voice and let them get it out of their spirit. I didn't say a word while she talked. I took the baby in my hands and sat her in my lap. She had such a calm spirit. Not one time did she cry; even though her mommy was crying endless tears. She would reach for her mommies arm and touch her face as to say, "it's gonna be alright mommy!" I want go in to detail about the young ladies story, but what I will say is, she was alone, no mom, no dad, no baby daddy, no close friends to help her. She walked at least 2 miles to the laundromat without a stroller I will add. I asked her if she would like for me to drop her off somewhere. She said her ride was on the way. While we waited, the laundromat attendant called me to the side and explained to me that he would give her 10 more minutes but she would have to leave. He understood she was in distress but because of the behavior from others in the past, he couldn't let her remain there without getting services. I had been with her for about 30 minutes at this point. I let her know what he said and she said okay. I prayed with her and the baby before leaving to take my mom to the doctor. You might ask, what's the message in this story... well here's the message.

First message: God always puts us in places for certain reasons. I made a decision earlier that morning to go to the laundromat instead of hanging my clothes on the line like I usually do. My intentions were to go there much earlier but that didn't happen. So, I was in the right place at the right time just for that young lady and her baby. Second message: The young lady needed and advocate for her. You see, the attendant would have kicked her out of the laundromat had it not be for someone sticking by her side and allowing time to pass by, which gave her time to get her emotions together and calm her spirit. The attendant would not have done that had I not been there. That I feel in my spirit. Third message: The young lady was on the brink of giving up. She said so herself. She felt she had no other choice. I reminded her of that little soul that was sitting in my lap and if there was no other reason to live, it was because of that beautiful baby girl. She agreed. Fourth message: Prayer does change things. Even though she was in a bad situation and a felt alone, the prayer she received that day gave her hope and reminded her that God is still in control of all things; even her life. I had to leave her there that Wednesday morning, but I was glad I was there to intercede and be an advocate for her so she could experience the Mercy of God, through the actions of the laundromat attendant. My message to you - Don't be afraid to intervene when it looks like someone is on the verge of giving up. Often times we turn a def ear or blind eye to people when they are in need. Not everyone is a scam and looking to get over on you. There are some people who are truly hurting and all they want to know is "Someone Care." Remember to Find Peace Within Be Blessed Ms. Lisa 🙂

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