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Delivered or Dormant?

Delivered or Dormant - When Soul and Test Meet

Once a thief always a thief. Once a liar always a liar. Once a cheater always a cheater. Does any of these phrases sound familiar? I'm sure they do. A church person receives a call from the famous Nephew Tommy from the @SteveHaveyMorningShow. Unknowing to the church person on the phone, Nephew Tommy pushes their buttons so far that he or she begins to use curse words.. Something they said they were delivered from. Once Nephew Tommy gets them all the way out there, he tells who he is and that they've been pranked by 'whomever'... .and get this.. and most of the time it's another church person. The caller precedes to say that they are embarrassed and ask Tommy if they were on the radio. He of course says yes. Then the church person says that they haven't cursed in years and that the Lord had delivered them from cursing. Well, I wonder if they were delivered or was all that cursing just sitting dormant waiting for the right moment to reveal itself so it could come out. Now let me use myself as the next example. I am a recovering Bulimic. One who would eat as much food as I liked, then go in the bathroom and throw it up. Or, I would take laxatives so it wouldn't sit in my stomach over night. This went on for years. From the age of 16 to I'll say 39 or 40. I can say that I've been delivered from Bulimia or have I really. As there are times when I feel like I want to throw up or feel the need to take a laxative after I've eaten something I knew I shouldn't have eaten because it may trigger the desire to throw up or eliminate quickly. Have I thrown up or taken laxatives to eliminate after I've eaten something bad, YES.. am I still delivered YES. What about the person who was a habitual cheater or drinker or drug user. Are they really delivered from that demon or is it just sitting dormant, waiting for the next test. I've cheated in my previous marriages. It was by choice for sure. In my current marriage I haven't cheated. I delivered or have I made a spiritual decision NOT to cheat. Have I been tested, sure I have. Did I fall, no I didn't. WHY.. because I've made a conscious decision to keep my covenant first with God and secondly to my husband. Am I delivered from cheating. Yes I am. Before I got delivered from my eating disorder, I wasn't aware of the WHY it exist in my life. I didn't know why I was a cheater before being delivered from promiscuity. When I began my TRUE Spiritual journey I discovered the WHY behind my issues. It was because of abandonment. Those spirits came along with the strong man of Abandonment. I know what triggers the desire to do those things I've been delivered from and I do my best to avoid anything that would trigger those desires. There are things I stay away from that doesn't push me to do what I know I've been delivered from and is sitting dormant just waiting for the right opportunity to show it's nasty head in my life again.

Here is what I do to stay delivered: 1. I Stay away from fast foods as much as possible. There are times when we're on the road traveling and fast food is the only option. I do not get hamburgers and milk shakes. I'll get a small chicken sandwich and a small bag of fries or side salad. Because I don't eat those foods often, my body rejects it automatically. So, there's no need to take a laxative or throw up. I made a choice to choose something that wouldn't trigger the need to throw up or take a laxative. NOTE: If I have to take something to eliminate, I take a detox tea that's made from natural herbs and is not habit forming. 2. I do not look at shows where spouses are cheating on each other. 3. I do not look at shows with a lot of sexual contact and content. Not even heavy petting, kissing etc. Even though I'm married and can clearly and easily enjoy those moments with my husband, I personally prefer not to put those scenes in my spirit. (the the gate to your soul... the eyes.) 4. I'm not around the opposite sex alone EVER. I protect myself, my husband and our marriage by avoiding those situations. If it's business or a situation where I have no other choice but be along, it's not because there is any other motives outside of the reason what's being handled at the time. I know the enemy will present itself in the form that he knows I love. He'll do it to you too, what ever that type is. 5. I stay in the word. I read the word of God daily and pray for my mind, spirit, and soul. 6. If the feeling does arise, I ask myself WHY is this happening. 7. I Identify what's missing, what's triggering it and handle it. Delivered or Dormant - you decide.What I know to be true - When you've done your Spiritual Soul work, (being fully aware of your WHY's) what's lying dormant will submit itself to the process of staying delivered.

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