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5 Ways to Walk in Self-Confidence

FPWN S5EP#95-In this episode I share 5 ways to walk in self-confidence. I haven't always been the self-confident person you see today. Unsure of who I was, If I was called to do what God assigned for me to do and if anyone would listen anyway. It was only through my spiritual work and journey I gained self-confidence and is now able to share my walk with you and do it with confidence. I'm not the only person whose done the work. Check out my classmate Joretta King new book #Bleached on Colored Clothes. That's a story of triumph, strength, and confidence. Joretta King, I mentioned the book in this episode. Congratulations again Sis. Remember Walk worthy of the call in which you've been anointed. Be Blessed #selfconfidence#confidence.

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