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At First Sight - When Love is Blind

Have you ever been so blind to a situation to the point you didn't recognize it even with the brightness of the light? I know I sure have. It's been somewhat eye opening to finally have the ability to see what you've been feeling all these years but still unable to recognize it for what it was. I'm sure I have you to thinking but this is the story behind being blindly in love.

I recently watched a beautiful love story on "Pluto TV" it's a free app you can download on your phone and watch TV live. They show old movies in which I enjoy watching. Anyway, back to my story. There was a movie I watched titled "At First Sight" nope, it's not "Married at First Sight" Life Time's hit show, I love that show as well; but I'm talking about the movie "At First Sight".

Let me set it up for you.

There is a young man named Virgil, who became blind an early age. He never regained his eye sight, which meant, he grew up blind. His interactions with life was that of a blind man. In the movie Virgil is a massage therapist. Interesting right, how can a blind man be a massage therapist, easy. You don't need eyes to know how to rub a body and make a person feel good and relaxed. :) One day, the Amy a successful architect scheduled an appointment to get a massage and falls into the hands of Virgil (the blind man). They develop a relationship and later become lovers. Amy talks to Virgil about his blindness and asked him had he ever dreamed of seeing again. Hey said, yes but never pursued it. She does some research about a surgery that will give him his eyesight back. At first he was against it, but later he agreed to have the surgery. And yes, he did get his sight back, but this time, he didn't know how to live as seeing man. You see, the world he grew up in was all based on the life of a blind man not one who had learned to see. He struggled with reading as he didn't learn how to read letters, he read braille. He didn't know how to recognize an apple ANYMORE as his way of identifying things was by sight and smell. He didn't know how to walk based on his surroundings as he learned how to walk by counting steps. He didn't know how to identify expressions as he had never seen what mad, love, disappointment or excitement looked like. You see Virgil was living in a world designed for his love Amy. He didn't know how to love and live in a world he wasn't familiar with. His therapist told him he know how to see but now he had to learn how to recognize. POWERFUL. He could identify an apple based on how it felt, but not based on how it looked. WOW.

Amy was very excited, he love could now see. He could now see her face, her body, her expressions. Everything she wanted was now in her hands. However, the man Amy had no longer exist. Amy was very disappointed as the man she feel in love with as a blind man, was not the same man she was in love with as a seeing man.

Amy wanted to show him the world. Take him to Paris, take him to the mountains, take him to the beach, show him her architectural work. One day Virgil's eyesight began to go dim. He knew he was going blind again. He later told Amy about his eyesight. She told him that she wanted him to see Paris, he said all he wanted to do was see a live Hockey game as he was a huge fan and a great ice skater too. She took him to the game and it was there he lost his sight.

She had a difficult time excepting the reality that the man she wanted (one with sight) was not the man she loved (a man without sight). They parted ways and he went back to living his life as a blind man.

But as Blind Love would have it; fate brought them back together in the park. It was at that point in their relationship, they knew they loved each other and walked into their happiness he counting steps as she lead the way.

What's the lesson in this story? The love that we often look for doesn't always come the way we see it. Amy's desire to help Virgil regain his eyesight was something she wanted as she felt Virgil's life would be better if he was able to see. But for Virgil, the life he knew as a blind man was the life he loved, and was living his best life. Being blind didn't stop him from living or loving Amy the way a man with sight would. His Blind love for her was much better than the love she could see with her eye sight. 

One thing I've learned about loving blind.. the things in life that we think would make the other persons life easier often is the thing that they have no desire to have. With that, it's just easier to let people live their lives, be happy with who they are in how they do life and you just have to make a decision if you want to come along for the walk in the park as one counts steps and the other lead the way.

Oh by the way.. this is a true story. They ARE still💓💓💓 married today... :)

Remember to Find Peace WithiN Be blessed,

Ms. Lisa

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