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To Co-Exist Peacefully: Sacrifice or Compromise

This week I started reading "A New Earth Create a Better Life" by author Eckhart Tolle. One of Oprah Winfrey's well known guest and Super Soul Sunday contributors. In the beginning of the book he speaks about the importance of co-existing and how the ability to compromise is the best way to do such.

I've often thought about the ability to compromise and how different it is from sacrificing. Eckhart Tolle says that when we understand our mental position we are able to tolerate people's beliefs and perspectives. I agree with that statement whole- heartedly. However, at what point does sacrificing and compromising for peaceful coexistence become too much to do? What is the difference between a compromise and a sacrifice. In my opinion when a compromise is made it's a win/win situation for everyone. I may not get my way this time but I can live with the decision that was made, knowing the next time, I'll be able to get my way. Do we buy a sports car or a mini van, after all we have 5 kids. Sounds like we're getting a mini van. Then when ALL the kids are out of the house, we'll get the sports car. Sounds like a good compromise.

Now, a sacrifice is when something is given up that is needed with the hopes of one day reaping from the sacrifice that was made. Often times, we make more sacrifices than compromises and get very little in return.

As a mother and wife, there have been many days I've sacrificed going to bed on time to prepare a meal that didn't get eaten. There was no personal gain for me sacrificing that time. I still got to bed late and the sacrifice wasn't appreciated. I've sacrificed doing things for myself to help my husband take care of ministry obligations. Sacrifices like this that occur often, could possibly make co-existing challenging.

I remember complaining to our Father one day while working in the yard. I was going innnnn... talking about everything I do for my family and what I don't get back from them. I asked Him, when will it ever be about Lisa. He spoke clearly to me saying; "Continue to serve your family, and I'll take care of you.' He has done just that. I still make sacrifices even when I don't understand. And my Father has always come through for me.

God tells us that if we give our tithe back to Him, He will rebuke the devourer for our sake. It's because of the sacrifices we're protected from the devices the enemy has planned for us. I've learned to look at sacrifices the same way. What I sacrifice will come back to me in greater ways through my Father God. I do believe it's important to communicate to those who we believe are using us and disrespecting our sacrifices. So, how do we deal with those individuals?

My suggestion is to first:

1. Make sure your feelings are valid. 2. Make your concerns known. 3. Decide how much you're willing to sacrifice. 4. Put a limit on those sacrifices. 5. Don't sacrifice that which will cause you discomfort, resentment or harm.

What's my message today. Learning  to co-exist peacefully does require sacrifices and compromises. Just be sure your compromises do not turn into sacrifices. Because that action will turn to resentment in the end. Next, know that our Father sees every sacrifice and what you sacrifice secretly our Father will reward you openly. Ask me, I know because He's done it for me!

Remember to Find Peace Within,

Be blessed, Ms. Lisa

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