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When "Why" and the Soul Meets

Your "Why" is the only "Why" you need to know. When "Why" and the Soul Meets.

Why did he talk to me that way? Why did she say that to me? Why did he not love me enough? Why would he do that to me after all the sacrifices I've made for him? Why would someone not show me the same kind of love that I've shown them? Why? Why? Why? Was I not enough? Why couldn't he love me the same way I loved him? Why would she tell other people about my private life? Why would she betray me that why? How many times have we asked our selves those question, I certainly have. I've asked those question over and over, especially when I've given my all to someone, made sacrifices for someone I didn't have to all because I thought I was in love or had a real friendship. I've done things that I didn't want to do for someone ONLY to be kicked like a dog and left out like a cat. So, we sit around with our Kleenex tissue, wrapped in our sofa blanket, having a pity party. Crying and moaning about WHY did this person do what they did to me and all the pain someone else caused in our lives when in all reality, we should be asking ourselves "WHY" did I allow someone to cause so much pain in my life. Recently I had a conversation with a young lady who was asking all the "WHY" questions about someone else's actions towards her. My response to her was, what would you do if you never get to know why he did what he did to you. Would you be okay not knowing? Initially, she said No, she would not be okay not knowing and she felt like he needed to tell her why. I then told her, "Your why is the only why that you need to know.” Why did YOU allow this to happen to you?... that's the real question.

What is it about the love I have for myself or the lack of love that I have for myself that I would allow someone to treat me any kind of way. She was blown away... and begin to think about how she treats herself which is the mirror we use to show other's how to treat us. We attract people into our lives based on the way we treat ourselves. We attract what we are. If you're a loving person, then you should be attracting loving people into your space. If you are a giving person, you should be attracting giving people into your space. If you are a crazy person, you're more than likely attracting crazy people in your circle. If you are a self-centered person, you are probably attracting self-centered people into your circle. When "Why" and "Soul" meets... The Soul will cause you to take inventory of your spirit. The Soul will cause you to hold your spirit accountable for what you bring into its presence. Your Soul will tell you when the spirit is going the wrong way and why something isn't good for you. That includes people. When people come into your life causing chaos and confusion in your spirit, then they need to go. You have to make a decision that you will not allow this person to disrupt the peace of God in your life. Your Soul will be the guide. However, it takes work to get to this point in your spiritual walk. Your spiritual walk is all about YOUR Spirit being connected to the Holy Spirit. When your spirit is awakened by what God wants for your life, you will NEVER sit back and allow someone to disrupt the plan that God has for you. And that plan starts with PEACE. Your Journey to a Smile will push you to say NO to things that you do not want to do and NO to things that will make you compromise the work that you've done on your way to peace. When "WHY" and "SOUL" meets... The truth will show up in the form of FREEDOM of SPEECH for your life. Use your first amendment rights and speak up for what you will and will not allow. Tell yourself the truth about your "WHY" and make a decision to NEVER wonder WHY someone did what they did to you... The only Why you need to know is YOURS. Remember, the only Why that's important to you is your Why... Here are three questions you should ask yourself when questioning your "WHY" 1. What is it about me that would attract someone who would treat me in such a way. 2. What is it about me that I'm not loving enough to allow someone to treat me in such a way. 3. What is it I need to do to begin to stop the cycle of chaos in my life. Now do this: 1. Write it out and speak the truth about it. Journal daily what you've identified 2. Hold yourself accountable. 3. Let your Soul be the voice that guides your Spirit into all Truth.. your truth. Remember, to Find Peace Within Be Blessed, Ms. Lisa

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