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I'm Chasing Tomorrow: When Tomorrow and the Soul Meets

Have you ever watched a movie that was just so adorable? Well, during the holidays I spent one day just watching animated cartoon movies. I came across this movie titled "The Crood's'. At first, I was like, this is going to be a very boring movie but the more I watched, the more interested I became.

This is the story of the Croods: The Croods are a family of cave people. They live in the cave and only the cave. They gather their food during the day and hover in the cave at night. They pay very close attention to the time of day as they would dare not to get caught out of the cave at nightfall. They had a 16-year-old teenage daughter, Eep. Just like most typical teenage girls, Eep wanted to get out and explore life. She didn't want to follow the rules of the house, very disrespectful and rebellious to her parents, crude to her siblings and looking for a way out. One night she found a hole in the cave and escaped out into the wilderness. Unfamiliar territory during the night, fearful but yet curious. What and who she ran into changed the life of the Croods. She ran into a young boy named Guy. Guy was a cave man too but an orphan. His family died in the mist of the earth being destroyed. She watched him make fire, which she had never seen. She listened to him talk about the light and tomorrow. You see the Croods didn't have hope for tomorrow and the only light they knew of was daylight, which they never experienced. Her father discovered she had slipped out of the house and grounded her for days. Unknowing to him, the cave they called home would soon be destroyed by the earthquake. As time went on, Father Crood found himself being lead to the light by little Guy, His family was now in the hands of an orphan who was smitten by his daughter and had a plan for his future. One day Eep and Guy were having a conversation where she asked him where were they going (the earth was being destroyed by the earthquakes Guy said was coming). Guy said he was going to tomorrow. Tomorrow was a land of milk and honey. There were no fears there. There was nothing but happiness and happy light. Eep told Guy she had never heard of tomorrow as they only looked forward to eating and going back into the cave. Doing something new was not apart of their culture. Now here is what got me. Guy always kept telling the family, "We're going to tomorrow".. they didn't understand what he meant but they trusted in his vision. When they came to the land of the light, Guy said, "we have reached tomorrow." What is tomorrow? Tomorrow is that thing that you've been working so hard to obtain. Tomorrow is that thing that drives you to get up every morning and hit the floor running. Tomorrow is that vision that you wrote years ago. Tomorrow is that plan you put together that is now sitting on a shelf in your house. Tomorrow is sitting on that dream/vision board you have in your bedroom. What is your tomorrow....? Here's one of my favorite quotes by @Oprah "What you do today creates every tomorrow." Don't stop chasing tomorrow today...your creation is waiting... Remember to Smile Show Up Succeed Everyday Find Peace Within

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